Cloth Diaper Service to the Rescue!

I am looking to start a cloth diapering service in Hampton Roads area and trying to get a feeling of how many people would be interested! I am looking to have two options availible.

Option 1- basic prefolds provided 30 a week or 100 if you pay for a full month

Option 2- premium service with a variety of all in ones availible, diaper covers to choose from and a variety of designs. 50 a week or 180 if you pay for a full month

Multiples rate

Option 1- 15 extra per additional child

Option 2- 30 extra per additional child

If you are pregnant/ looking to change over to cloth diapers but dont want to bother with the mess please reach out to me! If I have enough people interested I could start as soon as one month later. Prices could be negotiable based on situation and interest level. I have cloth diapered many children in my nannying career so the upmost care would be taken to ensure sanitation and stain removal. I would be washing each persons diapers separately and you would get back the same diapers you use unless you ask for new styles/ designs.